Say “Yes” to Internships !

Say “Yes” to Internships !

by Tamara Tarchichi
Jobs People Do | JobsPeopleDo.com

4 Reasons why you should say YES to an unpaid internship

1. It’s Not Free Labour, It’s Experience Labour

Many people have dejected concepts regarding unpaid internships, some claiming its absurdity in its free labour, and others label it a waste of time. Some even believe that only the privileged can conquer the greatness of an internship experience, but what many don’t know is that an unpaid internship is the best thing you can do to boost your credibility in your profession of field. The experience you devour from an internship is worth much more in the future than a paid job today. Yes, some circumstances call out for some district measures, but if you can accept an unpaid internship today, you will obtain a headstart in the work industry that will set you apart from the rest. So it’s not really free after-all, is it?

2. Competition in, Stand out

With the stumpy job turnouts that have left the market flooding in extensive competition, recent graduates are struggling to stand out and get noticed amongst the 100 applicants which in much exertion struggle to land the position of one job opening. Established companies and business owners look for applicants that stick out in a crowded room; and I’m not talking about your fine tailored ensemble, but rather the experience you encompass that will make any CEO want nothing more than to get you on board as part of the company’s team. An unpaid internship will provide you with that exceptional experience that every executive is looking for; and at the same time, allowing you to get a head start in the employment market when you include “intern” on your resume; saving you the hassle of learning the techniques to manipulating others with empty words.

3. Play it Smart Today, Secure Tomorrow

When you devote your efforts to an unpaid internship, you are not only investing your time for the summer break, but you are securing your future for tomorrow. Taking on an internship means you have received proper training in the field you are working in and this tiny little thing called experience will land you a job proposal at the end of your internship commitment. Employers love nothing more than to see potential applicants that have committed their hours to unpaid labour.

4. Connections, Connections, and more Connections

Did I forget to mention connections? Not only do you receive experience and recognition from an internship, but it also enables you to build a great network for yourself. You increase your networking opportunities, build relations with potential employers, and gain credible reputation. What more can you possibly ask for? Making stable connections in the work force is a great way to expand your job offers since you get to work with people that are interested in the same field as you are, and with common goals aligned, you might be receive that proposal that you have been waiting for all your life.