Published on April 26th, 2013

The Benefits of Volunteering in High School

April 26th, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

High school students, it’s time to get motivated! Volunteering while still in high school provides you with the framework for your future career path, as well as instills in you […]

Tree Planting as a Summer Job

April 26th, 2013; By Laurel Walsh

The most common summer job field for teens is the food service industry followed closely by the retail trade industry, according to the American Bureau of Labour Statistics. That means that most of us spend our summers flipping burgers or folding […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of May Long Weekend

April 26th, 2013; By Phillip Holland

May long weekend may be a time to kick back and relax but there are a number of important things you can do, not do, and keep in mind during […]

“Esperanto” – The Beginning of a New Language

April 26th, 2013; By Susan Huebert

Invented languages can be fun. Have you ever used a language like Pig Latin with your friends and watched as other people struggled to understand you? When you use these […]

Career Profile: Psychiatrist

April 26th, 2013; By Kathleen Gerry

Psychiatry is a specialization that is chosen after taking medical school. Being a psychiatrist means working in a clinic, a hospital, or a professional organization that caters to the mentally […]

Becoming An Architect

April 26th, 2013; By Architecture Canada

What is Architecture all about? Architecture is the art, the science and the business of building. Architects create homes, office towers, schools and churches. They are talented people with a […]

Doing Scholarships the Right Way

April 26th, 2013; By Giulio Rocco

Like getting a ton of free money? Of course you do! Those lines might sound like the beginning of an un-reputable online advertisement, but the truth is there are plenty […]