Published on March 29th, 2014

Dream Jobs: Ballet Dancer

March 29th, 2014; By Susan Huebert

Imagine being a delicate butterfly one day and an elegant swan the next day, all in front of an audience. How is that possible?  For ballet dancers, playing a lot […]

Do Employers Look at Volunteer Experience?

March 29th, 2014; By Kathleen Gerry

When thinking about volunteering, we have a tendency to believe that volunteer experience simply doesn’t measure up to work experience because it is not paid. Sometimes we think that volunteering […]

Why We Should Protect the Environment

March 29th, 2014; By Susan Huebert

Cleaning up a mess can be a dull job, but living with dirt and garbage is much worse than that. Have you ever smelled a piece of rotten fruit or […]

How to Pick a School that Works for You

March 29th, 2014; By Michelle Osei-Bonsu

Deciding which post-secondary institution to attend is easily one of the most difficult decisions you may face in your lifetime. If you find yourself scattered and unsure of where to […]

Living Without a Salary – and Student Loans

March 29th, 2014; By Laurel Walsh

Today my grandmother gave me a thick book entitled “How to Survive Without a Salary” by Charles Long.  The truth is that I’m employed, both as a writer and a barista […]

Too Cool for School?

March 29th, 2014; By Cheryl Marie

“A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.” – Horrace Mann It is important to remember messages such as these when you start to feel […]

The Importance of Exercise

March 29th, 2014; By Jasmin Bollman

We’ve all been there – you wake up to start your day and immediately start thinking of how you can’t wait to get home to go back to bed later. […]