How to Make Friends in your Class

How to Make Friends in your Class

by Marianne Stephens
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It sounds a bit strange, but it’s not always easy to make friends. Everyone has their own unique personality, and because of that, it’s important to have a range of different ways to get to know people who might just become good friends. Everyone knows that you may not be able to make friends with a certain person, but you may with someone else. It really depends on personalities, so don’t give up. You may just be able to chat with someone in a friendly way at first; it takes time. I also suggest that you do not change your personality or your interests just to be someone’s friend, because that will not work well for anyone involved, and might sour the relationship even further.  Besides, if you keep changing yourself for other people, before long you won’t even know who you are.  I learned the hard way.

So here are few options:

  • Consider informal conversations. There’s quite a few ways to do this. Bring up a conversation or 20 questions (the game, your favourite TV or something similar) about your interests during a project or a break together, to see if you are a match. Sitting beside another on a school bus trip can also help with this, if they are bored and want to pass the time as well: you can discuss schoolwork, games, or television games. Ask someone to help you with a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku, or to help carry something to where it’s supposed to go.
  • Some people may surprise you talking about a book they read recently, or maybe a television show, a video game- online or through the game systems. This could help get to know one another more. Next thing you know, it’s gone on like that for a while and you have a new friend, which is always a good thing. Remember that most other people are looking for new friends, too.  It’s not just you…
  • Sharing is caring. In this case, I mean, that sometimes giving an ear out for someone who needs to talk, or someone who needs a pen right now to complete that test can go a long way. In this case, when a friend is in need, a friend is what they need.

So, in conclusion, when it comes to making friends in your grade or class, remember that it can be difficult and there’s no guarantee of success. You can have several attempts as you need, and don’t worry if things don’t go well: just try again with another person. You will find a friend – perhaps a stronger, “sibling from another mother” kind of friend, someone you couldn’t part from and would want to keep in touch with long after graduation.

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