Why You Should Be Outside More and Away...

Why You Should Be Outside More and Away from the TV or Computer

by Leah Butler
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It’s finally spring time! The weather is getting warmer, the plants are starting to grow and the chance to be outside more is increasing! However, electronics such as TV, computer and phones take a large toll on taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Most of us, are busy with Netflix, social media or texting out friends; it’s the society we live in! Although, it’s very important to be outside and away from the TV and electronics. Kids should spend at least a couple hours outside every day! Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Be a kid!

There’s plenty of time to watch TV or spend countless hours on computers in your life. There isn’t anything wrong with being on electronics, just as long as it isn’t your main priority. Spending time outside can be a lot of fun, whether it’s going on a hike, going to the park or on a bike ride, etc. There are many activities that are enjoyable outdoors.

Improves your mood

Do you ever get down from being inside or feel dull? When you go outside, it helps with feeling more bright, energetic and happy! The sun and warm air helps get you out of the winter funk from being inside most days. Sometimes it seems like there’s only life online, but it’s far better to really experience life by going offline and outside.

Increases creativity, attention, connection and wellness.

By being outdoors and on electronics less, it helps people connect with themselves and be present. It can also help with coming up with ideas and being creative. It gives someone a chance to be more aware of their surroundings as well. Another plus is that it strengthens our immune systems by being outside!

The fresh air is good for you!

There is nothing worse than sitting inside in a stuffy room or staying indoors throughout the whole winter if you’re not a fan of the cold! Going outside is good for your health and gives you a chance to breathe after spending most days inside. It gives your body a break to refresh and relax.

It helps with sleeping

Going outside, helps for a better night sleep. Just think about it, if you go camping; you’re outside all night and sleep great! (most of the time!) Compared to indoors, when it can sometimes be hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. By going outside more often, it helps with sleeping habits.

Improvement of social skills

When playing outside with others, it improves communication, co-operation, problem solving skills and many more skills. It gives kids a chance to work together and help each other out. As well as, it creates friendships.

When it’s that time of year and it’s time to go outside, with all the incredible benefits of being outside more and on the computer or watching less TV; it’s time to go out! Hopefully, these reasons will persuade you into turning off the TV and computer, putting on your shoes and running out the door for a couple hours!





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