Published on February 27th, 2021

Career Profile: Movie Extra

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Imagine being on the same screen as famous actors. Although not everyone can have a major part in a film, being an extra can give people experience in movie work […]

Career Profile: Hazardous Materials Removal Workers

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

The world is full of hazardous chemicals and other dangerous materials which can damage the environment and harm people. When manufacturing, mining, or other processes produce hazardous waste, people have […]

Career Profile: Geographic Information Specialists

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Maps and charts can be useful, whether they are online or on paper. To be helpful, these types of documents need to have a lot of information, including street names, […]

Career Profile: Foresters

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Hiking in a forest can be fun, but not if a fire is burning or a disease has killed many of the trees. Forests are important for Canada, not just […]

Career Profile: Film Director

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Films can be fun or educational to watch, but a lot of work goes into making them. Many people are involved, including actors, camera crew, and more. The person who […]

Benefits and Challenges of a Solitary Job

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Over the past year since the pandemic started, many people have struggled to find ways to connect with each other and to work alone from home. While this was a […]

Tips for Saving Money During Lockdown, and After

February 27th, 2021; By Meghan Brown

2020 was a difficult year for many of us, with lockdowns, quarantine periods, and restrictions on socializing taking place all across Canada.  With nearly all events, activities, and social gatherings […]