Carpet Installers (French version...

Carpet Installers (French version available)

by Susan Huebert
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In many homes, some floors have tile or wood, and others have carpet. The carpet might seem like a natural part of the room, but someone has to install it. For people who are precise and enjoy working with their hands, a job as a carpet installer could be a good choice. It might be the right job for you.

Like many similar jobs, the trade of carpet installer is closely tied to the construction industry. After the main part of a house or office is built, someone needs to make the building comfortable to live or work in. For some rooms, this includes installing carpets to help keep the floors warm in winter and soft on the feet. With a carpet or other floor covering, rooms feel finished and ready to live in.

Flooring installation is very exact work. If the carpet is too big for the space, it might bunch up on one side or otherwise not fit properly. If the carpet is too small, it can leave the edges of the room without any covering. Making accurate measurements is very important in this job, since making mistakes can cause many problems. If the carpet needs to be reinstalled, it can be very expensive and time-consuming.

Besides making correct measurements, carpet installers need to understand the differences between various types of floors and carpets. Some types of carpet might require stronger glue than others to stick to the floor. Carpet installers need to be able to assess the floor and the covering to choose the right type that will stick together properly.

Preparing the floor and the carpet is important. Otherwise, the glue on the back of the carpet might not stick to the surface. Carpet installers might need to sand down rough patches of wood or glue down any loose surfaces before they start to put the carpet in place.

Most flooring installation work is indoors, except for a few balconies or decks. Weather is not generally a factor in carpet installation, but the bulk of the work still takes place in the warmer months when building construction normally happens. In winter when the job is slower, carpet installers might want to find other work to do if possible. At the peak construction times, these tradespeople might need to work overtime, but generally, the job is forty hours, five days a week.

Becoming a carpet installer normally requires the completion of an apprenticeship, although some people can learn on the job. Apprenticeships are six-thousand hours long, broken down into six equal terms. About ninety per cent of that time is work experience, and the rest is classroom training.

Applicants for the apprenticeship need at least a Grade 10 education or the equivalent and be at least sixteen years old. Good mathematics and English skills are important for this job, as they are for many careers. A strong back for bending over and reasonably good vision with or without glasses are important for this job.

Wages for apprentices begin at about $21 per hour and rise to about $37 by the final year. Fully trained carpet installers generally earn $19 per hour or $27,000 per year at the beginning of their careers and can earn $35 per hour or $133,000 per year by the end. The work can be quite physically demanding, and people might want to move into administrative or supervisory roles as they age.

Job prospects in carpet installation depend on the economy and other factors. Large cities are likely to have more jobs than in smaller places, but work is likely to be available almost anywhere. As older workers retire, more jobs will become available. Carpets wear out and need to be replaced even when construction is slow, but that type of work can be limited.

Carpet installation can be difficult but interesting work. If you like to work with your hands, it could be right for you.



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