Published on May, 2022

Reusing and Repurposing: 3 Reasons Why These Two “R”s Are Better than Recycling (French version available)

May 2nd, 2022; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Have you ever wondered how much waste the world produces each year? Well, you’d be surprised. The statistics are downright staggering. According to Earth.org, globally, there are 300 million tons […]

The Benefits of Stretching Regularly and How to Make It a Habit (French version available)

May 2nd, 2022; By Linda Mendes

Stretching regularly has several benefits. It is a great and healthy habit to have. If you’re interested in the benefits of stretching regularly and how to make stretching a habit, […]

The Dangers of Always Being on Social Media and How to Beat the Addiction

May 2nd, 2022; By Linda Mendes

Social media consists of online platforms in which people can communicate with friends or family, as well as other people with similar interests. There are many social media sites. Commonly […]

Pipefitters (French version available)

May 2nd, 2022; By Susan Huebert

Pipes are everywhere in our cities and towns, carrying water, fuels, or other substances to and from buildings or across the country. When these pipes work well, they are barely […]

The Goal of High-Speed Internet Across Canada: The Universal Broadband Fund

May 2nd, 2022; By Sarah Leung

The internet remains an essential part of our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a stronger case for the internet’s critical role in people’s lives. The internet serves as a […]

Canada Mental Health Week 2022

May 2nd, 2022; By Mara Hurst

This year, Canada Mental Health Week runs from May 2nd to May 8th. This annual awareness week discusses the topic of mental illness and mental health. It draws attention to […]

Carpet Installers (French version available)

May 2nd, 2022; By Susan Huebert

In many homes, some floors have tile or wood, and others have carpet. The carpet might seem like a natural part of the room, but someone has to install it. […]