Strategies and Tips for Turning the...

Strategies and Tips for Turning the School Year around if It Got Off to a Bad Start (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang
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Feeling anxious when going into another school year is completely understandable. You have to go back to your everyday routine, familiarize yourself with a new timetable, and get used to being in a classroom setting again. While some do look forward to certain pros like seeing old friends, others might be greeted with less pleasant circumstances, which could make starting the year even more difficult than usual.

If this is what you’re experiencing, here are some strategies and tips on how to turn things around:

Create Goals and Challenge Yourself!

This is especially relevant if you don’t like your classes. Being in classes that you dislike without a doubt can be discouraging, so try to look at the situation in a different light. Rather than focusing on how unfortunate it is, use this as a motivator. Work hard to succeed in them so you can look back at the school year and say to yourself that you were able to persevere and make the most of your bad experience. You’ll likely feel a strong sense of achievement as a result.

Overall, changing your perception and establishing a higher purpose are arguably the two most powerful tools you can apply to an unpleasant start. The first step is determining what you’re able to control, then proceed from there as you see fit.

Join or Create a Club(s)

If you’re experiencing challenges with socializing, it might be a good idea to branch out. Consider the existing clubs/activities at your school. Joining one (or multiple) is a great way to make new friends as you can bond with others over a shared interest.

Another option is starting your own club. If considering this, ask yourself these questions: “What is something unique that I contribute to my school’s community?” and “How can I go about promoting it to entice people to join?” Not only does this give you an opportunity to engage with something you have a passion for, being an executive of a club can also help you gain valuable leadership skills that may prove to be useful in the future. Of course, there’s no pressure to do so. However, taking initiative is encouraged if its what’s necessary to make life at school more enjoyable.

Try to Maintain a Positive Attitude and an Open Mind

Having a positive attitude can be difficult, especially when you aren’t happy with your circumstances. Nonetheless, remember that the school year just started, so there’s still plenty of time for things to improve. Keep an open mind and be patient. Maybe you’ll see improvements and they’ll be better than you’d ever thought but are taking longer than expected to happen.

Facing difficulties at the beginning of the school year is normal. Though everything appears bleak now, there’s a good chance that you aren’t alone, and others may be having similar experiences as well. In summary, if you stay positive and attempt to deal with these challenges as best as you can, you’re on the right path to improving your current situation.

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