Fun Outdoor Activities to Stay Active...

Fun Outdoor Activities to Stay Active and Healthy this Autumn

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By Rabia Khan

Autumn is the best time to go hiking, climbing, walking in the meadows and leaves, nature power walking, or just feeling nips in the air while snuggling into warm woolens. When the sky is clear and the sun shines brightest, you’re bound to jump with joy at your weekend plans. This season celebrates much-deserved time with loved ones and those outdoor activities that keep your soul alive.

Unwind Yourself in Nature

Camp at the foot of the mountains under the stars. Have a bonfire going while humming to mindful music with friends, and generally having a relaxing time. Get up at dawn, feeling the dew on your skin – the freshness of it all reinvigorates your mind and body.

Move Your Legs!

Of course, running or jogging is a wonderful way to enjoy the autumn air. It burns calories and you gives an awesome feeling of fitness.

Another fantastic way of doing cardio exercises is a corn maze. Race your family, friends, and loved ones in the crisp fall atmosphere.

You can hit the gym if you need a change, but believe me, it’s nothing like the outdoors.

Playing Games is Always Fun!

Play basketball, volleyball, or frisbee in the park. There are so many games to be played outdoors. You can play tennis or badminton with friends, or even go running with your dog. I am sure your furry friend will enjoy playing too.

Be Adventurous! 

For those adventurous geeks, hit the trail on a bike. That’s a lot of exercise for your legs and going to do you a world of good.

Stretch the Stress Away

There are also classes you can join for yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and more. There are so many stress busters to choose from.

Check Out a Farmer’s Market

There are also the farmer’s markets where you browse their fresh produce. This is a great way to get the nutrition your body needs.

Rev Your Engine!

If long drives excite you, then hit the road. If everything you’ve tried leaves you wanting more, there are plenty of scenic places to discover. There’s no dearth of spots to visit, so rev up your engine and take off down the highway.

Photograph Nature

Soaking in the sun’s warmness and painting the sky with your camera is a different vibe altogether. Click photographs of maple leaves, rustic roads, and the fragile branches of banyan trees running cold. Make a lifetime worth of memories this autumn!


It’s always fun to eat with family. This is the season to roast delectable chicken turkey in your farmhouse. Make this outdoor activity a little more interesting by picking fruits and vegetables with a loved one. You can even go fishing, and take a dive in the cool waters.

Build a Bonfire

A quick bonfire with a round of salsa dancing can make your autumn season full of love. Include your wildest and craziest friend circle to enjoy the weekend. Light up the woods with sticks and blow on the fire.

Go on a picnic. Go rock climbing. There are lots of things to do. Go for it!

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