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Jobs for People Who Love the Cold (French version available)

by Linda Mendes
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Although many people tend to hate the cold weather, there are several people out there that enjoy the cold weather. You may be one of these people. Maybe you’re considering finding a job that will allow you to work in the cold climate. The following jobs are perfect for those who love the cold weather.

Ski Instructor

Ski instructors work in cold environments. They teach people how to ski on ski slopes and mountains. They also instruct their students on how to wear their safety gear, the equipment they must use, and how to ski safely. Skiing is a winter sport which means if you are a ski instructor, you must work and most likely live in snowy areas for a while.

Skating Rink/Arena Worker

Since skating rinks are made of ice, they must be in cold areas to avoid the rink from melting. These rinks could be outdoors in the winter and indoors as well. There are many positions available to pick from at arenas and skating rinks. This is a good job for those that enjoy the cold weather as well as skating.

Construction Worker

Construction workers work all year round. A lot of them have to work outdoors, and this also means during the winter. They work in the snow as long as it is tolerable and safe to do so. Although they work during the winter season, construction workers don’t work when it is extremely cold outside or when there is a snowstorm.

Adventure Guide

Adventure guides lead groups through the outdoors and engage in many outdoor activities. These activities include hiking, rock climbing, camping, and rafting. In colder seasons, they lead activities such as mountaineering, snowshoeing, and skiing. They also teach some survival and safety skills with each activity. Although it is more common to see adventure guides working in warmer temperatures, there are also some that work in mountain areas and colder climates.

Snowplow Operator

Snowplow operators drive snow and salt trucks to clear the snow and ice on the streets and major roadways. They help make the streets safer for vehicles and pedestrians to travel through. Snowplow operators may have to travel to areas that are having snowstorms to provide emergency assistance. This job is great for those who enjoy driving and are comfortable operating heavy machinery. 

Winter Resort Employee

Winter resorts are great to visit if you love the cold but working there could be even better. This way you could stay in the cold environment more often. Most winter resorts offer activities such as sledding, snow tubing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and sleigh rides. There are many different positions you could choose from that will give you the opportunity to work in a cold climate.

You don’t have to spend the cold seasons hiding from the weather. These jobs are perfect for those that enjoy the cold. They can help you make the most out of your winter since most of them are only available during the winter season.



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