Career Profile: Insulation Workers...

Career Profile: Insulation Workers – Floor, Ceiling, and Wall

by Susan Huebert
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In Canada and other cold countries, insulation is important for keeping people warm and preventing pipes in buildings from freezing. In summer, insulation in floors, ceilings, and walls helps to keep homes cool in hot weather and reduces noise. Working with insulation is very useful, and this trade can be a good choice for people who like to work with their hands.

Much of the work of people in the insulation trade happens during the construction of a building. Workers blow or roll insulation into walls or attics to help keep buildings climate controlled and to reduce moisture. Some insulation is also necessary for reducing noise, such as between apartments in a building where many different people live. In schools that teach music or theatre, insulation might also be necessary to keep one musician from drowning out another.

Installing insulation often involves cutting larger pieces down to the right size using saws, knives, and other tools. With other types of insulation, the work may involve weighing out the right amount to insert into the area. Some types of insulation require special tools to spread the material throughout the space that needs to be filled. Making accurate measurements is very important so that the building will stay at the right temperature.

Some insulation workers learn on the job, but many enrol in apprenticeships through career colleges. Insulation worker apprenticeships are three or four eight-week periods with both classroom work and practical experience. Normally, this training takes about a year to complete. Beginning salaries start at about $16.90 per hour or $35,000 per year and can rise to $29.80 or $69,000 per year. Insulation work is a Red Seal trade, meaning that the training in one province is valid in others, as well.

Like with many other trades, being able to read instructions and to make calculations is important. High school courses in English and mathematics are useful, as well as anything that gives people experience in working with their hands. Being able to work alone or with people is important, as well as being able to work quickly and efficiently when necessary.

In Canada, most new construction of buildings happens in spring, summer, and fall. Some insulation work may be possible during the winter, but people in this field might want to find other work for that season.  People will also need help with putting new insulation in their buildings since it tends to become compacted over time and need replacement. This can also help with energy efficiency, which is important to many.

The materials used for insulation can be harmful to people’s health if they breathe in too much of it. Wearing a mask at work is important for people in this trade. Besides breathing in harmful substances, insulation workers can get small injuries like cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. Working on the upper floors of a building can also be dangerous. Taking safety precautions is very important in in this job.

A job as an insulation worker can be a good choice for people who like to work with their hands and to help make homes and offices more comfortable and energy efficient. If this describes you, why not consider this trade?



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