Published on February 5th, 2024

Now is as good a time as any to get your 2024 goals underway!

February 5th, 2024; By Anthony Teles

It really felt like January just flew by, didn’t it? We blinked, and all of a sudden, we’re well into 2024. I hope your New Year has gotten off to […]

Work Experience and Internships – What’s Available for High Schoolers

February 5th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

In high school, and sometimes even earlier, many students start to look for summer jobs to earn money and to learn something about working for a living. Sometimes, however, high […]

The Importance of Environmental Education in High School

February 5th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

In your classes, you likely learn about ideas like sustainability. You know about the importance of recycling and other practices that help to preserve the natural world. An environmental education […]

Career Profile: Vocational Education Teachers – Post-Secondary

February 5th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

After high school, many people go to university or community colleges to learn to become teachers, doctors, librarians, or computer experts. Other people choose to learn a trade such as […]

Career Profile: Earth Drillers, Except Oil and Gas

February 5th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

Many people, whether children or adults, enjoy digging in the earth to see what they can find. For some people, digging holes into the ground can be a career. Earth […]

Career Profile: Agricultural Engineer

February 5th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

Everyone needs help at some point. For people working to provide food for others, agricultural engineers can be very helpful in solving problems or dealing with crises that occur. If […]

Trades Careers in the Entertainment Industry

February 5th, 2024; By Meghan Brown

Lights, Camera, Action!  If the thought of hearing these iconic words every day – of being part of the magic that makes them happen – then maybe a career in […]