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Leading the Way – Do You Have the Potential?

October 30th, 2019; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

When someone says the words “leader” to you, you probably then think of someone like a president or head of state in a country, a CEO or manager at a […]

How to Build Your Dream Lunch

October 29th, 2019; By author below

By Erin Rebello Whether it’s a grilled cheese sandwich, a zesty bowl of salad, or a plateful of spaghetti (with meatballs, of course), lunch is a crucial part of every […]

Extracurricular Activity: To Join or Not to Join?

October 29th, 2019; By author below

By Erin Rebello \Whether it’s an announcement on the PA or a poster in the hallway, you’ve probably heard about your fair share of extracurricular activities offered at your school. […]

Types of Memory and How we Use Them

October 29th, 2019; By Susan Huebert

Memory can be a strange, but natural ability. You might remember what you did five years ago but forget something that happened just a few minutes ago. Having a good […]

Turning the Page – Great Tips to Improve Your Reading Skills

September 25th, 2019; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

We all know that reading is an essential part of our lives. Reading is an effective way to educate yourself about things that are unfamiliar to you. It is a […]

Career Profile: Set and Exhibit Designers

September 25th, 2019; By Erin Kelly

Imagine going to a museum where the exhibits were lying on the ground or seeing a play in a plain room with no background. It might not look very good. […]

Fall Activities – What Can You do to Enjoy Fall?

September 25th, 2019; By Alexa Cairns

Now that it is officially Autumn, what is a better way to celebrate than going outside to and enjoy it? If you don’t have any ideas of what to do […]