«Fun» column

Real Jobs: Hot Dog Vendor

February 24th, 2015; By Susan Huebert

Some jobs seem like they can’t be real – just think of being a hot dog vendor.  Everyone loves hot dogs, and it seems like a dream that you could […]

School vs. Life

February 17th, 2015; By Sharifa Campbell-Hogg

When you  make the move to junior high and high school, everyone seems to think that there is no way to balance both having a social life and excelling in […]

Study Help: The Best Websites for English Literature

January 31st, 2015; By Susan Huebert

Studying English literature might seem like a very easy thing, with nothing complicated about it. You just pick up a book and read it, right? Reading is a large part […]

Dream Job: Ice Cream Taster

January 31st, 2015; By Susan Huebert

Imagine a job where you could get paid to eat your favourite food all day. Could anything like that be real? Working as an ice cream taster, for example, sounds […]

Academic Resolutions for the New Year

December 31st, 2014; By Teodora Pasca

Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2015. Whether you’ve already got a list of goals you’d like to accomplish this year or are still thinking about what to do tomorrow, don’t […]

Dream Job: Painter

December 17th, 2014; By Susan Huebert

Imagine that your work is famous across Canada. That might not happen for a plumber or an electrician, but it can happen for the kinds of people who paint pictures. […]

Jobs with Animals: Dog Groomer

December 15th, 2014; By Mackenzie Wall

I interviewed Kelly Booth, a local dog groomer. We talked about dog grooming as a career, some challenges she faces at work, and what she enjoys about her job. M: […]