«Science» column

Let’s Celebrate the Gifts of Winter

January 13th, 2014; By David Suzuki Foundation

We Canadians have a special relationship with snow and ice. We ski in it, skate on it, play in it, shovel it, drive through it, sometimes even bicycle through it […]

Students Going Green

December 12th, 2013; By EricaReid

Focusing on the sustainable environment as a student can help you reduce your ecological footprint while at the same time stepping in the right direction for your future career path. […]

We Can Make Canada’s Reality Match Its Image

December 12th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Canada is blessed with some of the last vestiges of pristine nature on Earth — unbroken forests, coastlines and prairies, thousands of rivers, streams and lakes, open skies, abundant fresh […]

Old Growth Forests 101

December 10th, 2013; By Nature Conservancy Canada

Why are old-growth forests important? When thinking about healthy forests, it’s not often that we think about dead, dying or diseased trees but any forest manager will tell you that they’re […]

Green Christmas

November 30th, 2013; By Jamie Hadland

Most Canadians dream of a white Christmas. But perhaps we should be thinking of ways to add a little more green to this year’s holiday celebration. Every year the cost […]

Great Changes for the Great Lakes

November 19th, 2013; By Priyanka Kumar Chopra

Across the world North America is known for many things; the culture, the people and the great outdoors. Part of that great outdoors is the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes […]

Incredible Eyes

October 30th, 2013; By Kevin Sexton

Did you know that tuna have a third eye? Or that shrimp can see colours we can’t even imagine? We humans rely so much on our eyesight that it’s hard […]