«Volunteering» column

High School Community Involvement

August 22nd, 2012; By Jenny Burr

In Ontario, all high school students attending public, private, independent and catholic schools are expected to complete 40 hours or more of community involvement work. The decision for this was […]

Voluntary Internships and Volunteer Work

August 21st, 2012; By Jenny Burr

Your graduation day has come and gone. Ideally, finding work in your main area of study is what most hope to achieve. For some recent grads, work is immediately obtained […]

Sports and Volunteer Hours

July 31st, 2012; By Giulio Rocco

Finishing Your Community Hours in the Summer with Sports. When youʼre loving the summer, the last thing you want to think about is school especially completing those mandatory volunteer hours […]

Why should I volunteer?

March 1st, 2012; By Erica Cooper

People volunteer their time for lots of different reasons. You can pick your own reasons, but here’s our top ten: You have to! You have to complete 40 hours of […]

Need Volunteer Hours? Join a Mob

December 31st, 2011; By Laurel Walsh

The student’s quest for 40 community service hours is not always a pretty one. Sponge-bathing senior citizens and picking up garbage are healthy for the community, but often so uninspiring […]