Getting Your required 40 Hours of Volunteering.

by Bel Harris

When it comes to the mandatory hours of community service or volunteer service you will be asked to complete as a high school student, here are some things to consider. […]

Where to Find Volunteer Opportunities, Part 2

by Jingwei Chen

In part 1 of this article series, I gave three common places where high school students may volunteer and fulfill the mandatory 40 hours of community service they need in […]

Getting the Most out of Volunteering

by Jason LeBlanc

At a younger age, volunteering can have some major benefits. If you have approached a teacher, guidance counselor, a parent, or a volunteer organization seeking different ways to volunteer, you’re […]

The Farm as a Classroom

by Anthony Teles

In the small city of Hamburg, Iowa, students at Marnie Simons Elementary School are given a unique opportunity. Along with their usual classes, they can also watch over a duck […]

How to Get Your 40 Hours of Community Service

by Gavin Mercier

At first, getting your 40 hours of community service might seem like a chore. But over the course of 4 years, 40 hours might just be achieved from your everyday […]

Getting Your 40 Hours of Community Service- UPDATED!

by Jasmin Bollman

As you know, all high school students need to have 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. Use this information to discover where your 40 hours can best […]