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Scientists Work to Solve Mystery of Dying Bees

August 17th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

When a swarm of bees landed on a tree in their yard a few years ago, a David Suzuki Foundation staffer and her husband became accidental beekeepers. They called an […]

The Plight of the Honey Bee

September 20th, 2012; By Joy Kita

They are a marvel of architectural design and one of nature’s most heroic creatures. The honey bee is an incredible insect with a work ethic beyond anything humans could ever […]

Where Are the Bees?

January 31st, 2012; By Erica Cooper

Pollinators Did you know that pollination is one of the most important ecological processes on the planet? This basic transfer of pollen from the male parts (anther) of a plant […]