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Council of Canadians With Disabilities: Opportunities

October 29th, 2015; By NEADS

I hope you are all getting out there to vote. As part of our ongoing work with the Advisory Group for Disability Issues at Elections Canada, we have been asked […]

I’m Afraid my Mental Illness will Hold Me Back…

October 29th, 2015; By Maria Cruz

I can’t stress enough how crippling it is to have a mental illness. The stigma surrounding it doesn’t help either, especially with admitting you have one or even seeking help […]

How to Be Inclusive of Others

September 22nd, 2015; By Teodora Pasca

We live in a world full of people of different genders, cultures, religions and economic backgrounds. Because of this, we all have a responsibility to make sure that any individual, […]

An Introduction to Finding Accommodations for Blind Students at College and University

September 22nd, 2015; By Meghan Brown

Choosing a college or university and going off to school for the first time is an exciting and important step. If you are an incoming student with a visual impairment, […]

Assessing Assistive Technology

August 26th, 2015; By NEADS

Purchasing technology can crash your bank account but there are ways to cut the cost. Let’s face it: Apple is cool. Apple is cool for a variety of reasons, but […]

Career Profile: Golf Caddy

August 26th, 2015; By Susan Huebert

Playing games can be fun and relaxing, but sometimes people need help. If you play any team sports, you know how important it is to work together with the others […]

Career Profile: Farrier

August 26th, 2015; By Susan Huebert

Imagine becoming a doctor who specializes in toenails. Do you think that you would get much work with something that specific? Farriers have the very special job of looking after […]