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Getting Dirty May Be Healthy

November 17th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

For much of human history we lived close to the natural world. As civilization evolved we became increasingly urbanized, and most of us now live in cities. As we’ve moved […]

Rail and Pipeline Disasters are Symptoms of Fossil Fuel Addiction

July 20th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Like smokers who put off quitting until their health starts to suffer, we’re learning what happens when bad habits catch up with us. We’re witnessing the terrible effects of fossil […]

Bean Leaves, Bedbugs and Biomimicry

May 23rd, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Scientists often come up with new discoveries, technologies or theories. But sometimes they rediscover what our ancestors already knew. A couple of recent findings show we have a lot to […]

“Big Picture” Thinking Needed to Protect Nature

April 20th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Few places on Earth have been untouched by humans, according to a study in the journal Science. Satellite images taken from hundreds of kilometres above the planet reveal a world […]

Let’s Resolve To Make It A Real Happy New Year

December 18th, 2012; By David Suzuki Foundation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if world leaders resolved to look at life in a different light this New Year? They could follow the example of Bhutan. In 1971, the small […]