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Career Profile: Book Editor

May 29th, 2017; By Susan Huebert

For people who love to read, becoming a book editor might seem like the perfect job. However, being an editor is about much more than just reading. It’s also about […]

Becoming a Writer: Small Steps to a Big Career

October 29th, 2015; By Anthony Teles

Humans have been writing words down for over five thousand years. Some seek a form of expression free of the anxieties and shyness of verbal communication, or are drawn to […]

Summer of Fun

June 30th, 2014; By Jasmin Bollman

Summer is officially here, and whether you’re starting your first summer job or you’re spending July and August kicking back with your family, JobsPeopleDo.com has got you covered. We’ll be […]

Finding a Career in Words: Editing as a Profession

October 19th, 2012; By Susan Huebert

What would you do if you found a mistake in something you’d read, like a menu in a restaurant, an online blog or a newspaper? Would you just try to […]