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Rail and Pipeline Disasters are Symptoms of Fossil Fuel Addiction

July 20th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Like smokers who put off quitting until their health starts to suffer, we’re learning what happens when bad habits catch up with us. We’re witnessing the terrible effects of fossil […]

What Happens After a Forest Fire?

July 1st, 2013; By Susan Huebert

Imagine what it would be like to watch a forest fire. Would you feel sad as you watched the trees and bushes burn and gradually turn to ash? Would you […]

The Hayes River in Manitoba

July 1st, 2013; By Canadian Wildlife Federation

If you live in Manitoba you might be aware that the Hayes River is the longest naturally flowing river in the province. It’s also one of the few remaining North […]

Great Changes for the Great Lakes

July 1st, 2013; By Priyanka Kumar Chopra

Across the world, North America is known for many things; the culture, the people and the great outdoors. Part of that great outdoors is the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes […]

A Garbage Patch In The Great Lakes?

May 26th, 2013; By Canadian Wildlife Federation

You may have heard about the garbage patches that exist in the oceans – where specific ocean and atmospheric conditions ensnare debris, small pieces of plastic, which accumulate into large […]

Climate Change and the Loss of Sea Ice in the Arctic

April 25th, 2013; By Canadian Wildlife Federation

Climate change affects every part of the world in a different way, but most experts agree the North will be impacted more than any other region. Sea ice spans most […]

“Big Picture” Thinking Needed to Protect Nature

April 20th, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Few places on Earth have been untouched by humans, according to a study in the journal Science. Satellite images taken from hundreds of kilometres above the planet reveal a world […]