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Thinking of Studying Abroad? Scholarships Can Help Make It Possible

December 31st, 2017; By Meghan Brown

If you’re a student who likes to travel, or dreams of living in a foreign country, then choosing to study abroad could be an ideal opportunity.  The experience is hard […]

International Scholarships

February 27th, 2017; By Laura Sciarpelletti

A large bulk of Canada’s student population—in addition to the actual base population—is made up of immigrants and international students. But going to a university or college in another country […]

Researching Scholarships for Over-Seas Education

May 31st, 2016; By Susan Huebert

Going to university or college after high school can lead to many good career opportunities, but it can also be expensive. Many scholarships are available for people studying in Canada, […]

Applying to an International Scholarship Opportunity; Am I ready to move?

September 30th, 2015; By Erin Kelly

If you are about to apply for an international scholarship, you may want to really think about it before you hit the send button. International scholarships are not for everyone, […]