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New Discoveries in Space

January 29th, 2017; By Laura Sciarpelletti

2016 was a big year for space news! While there was one unfortunate blunder—the ExoMars mission sent a lander and an orbiter to Mars but unfortunately the lander crashed into […]

Cure the Winter Blues: Spruce Up Your Space

February 27th, 2014; By Jamie Hadland

Are the winter blahs getting you down? Do you feel like you need a change? If only you could get away from it all. Well, maybe you don’t have to. […]

Astronauts and Chris Hadfield

October 28th, 2013; By Susan Huebert

Retirement is a good time for people for look back at what they have done over their lives and in their work. Some people’s careers never go beyond their own […]

Astronomers: Observers of Space

April 29th, 2013; By Bel Harris

It’s easy to imagine an astronomer spending their days (or, rather, their nights) gazing up at the stars observing planetary activity and other celestial bodies. To a certain extent you […]

Uncovering Life on Mars with the Curiosity Rover

April 20th, 2013; By Bel Harris

The Curiosity Rover is a mobile laboratory built by NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory. Launched on November 26, 2011 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, Curiosity’s 23 month journey through outer space […]