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Summer Job Hunting

February 28th, 2015; By Teodora Pasca

If you’re a student (and especially if you’re going through midterms or summatives), you’re likely looking forward to the break the warmer months will bring. However, summer vacation is also […]

Summer Jobs – Are They Useful?

July 1st, 2013; By Giulio Rocco

It’s summertime again, and besides gasping for that first breath of summer freedom and that thing called a “social life”, it also means looking for a part-time job. So what […]

Tree Planting as a Summer Job

April 26th, 2013; By Laurel Walsh

The most common summer job field for teens is the food service industry followed closely by the retail trade industry, according to the American Bureau of Labour Statistics. That means that most of us spend our summers flipping burgers or folding […]