Real Jobs: Hot Dog Vendor

Real Jobs: Hot Dog Vendor

by Susan Huebert
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Some jobs seem like they can’t be real – just think of being a hot dog vendor.  Everyone loves hot dogs, and it seems like a dream that you could even work with them. Work in this field can be very good for independent people who enjoy being with people and dealing with food.

You and your family might sometimes eat food from street vendors. You go to a food cart and ask the person for a hot dog with mustard or ketchup, and then the vendor puts the food together and gives it to you. Hot dog vendors spend much of their time selling food to people on the street or in office buildings.

The first step in becoming a hot dog vendor is to learn about how to handle the food. Wieners are easy to cook, but they have to be stored properly. Buns also have to be fresh, and the condiments (like ketchup and mustard) also require care. Before they start to work, hot dog vendors need to know about handling food safely and about cooking meat properly.

Some hot dog vendors learn all that they need to know by working with others on the job. Others, however, might decide to take classes at a college or cooking school. A small percentage of hot dog vendors might even get a degree in a subject related to food or even something completely different. Education has little effect on a hot dog vendor’s salary, but it can help to provide background information that can be useful for the work.

Besides learning about how to handle food, hot dog vendors need to learn about their equipment. They have to use fuel tanks, cooking utensils, and anything else that they need to run the business.

Do you love food and being with people? Why not consider working as a hot dog vendor?


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