Residence & Campus Accessibility

Residence & Campus Accessibility

by Transition Resource Guide
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Most residence buildings offer accommodations to students with disabilities or other special needs. During the residence application process, there is often a Special Needs Form that students can complete and submit with their residence application. Residence accommodations may include:

  • Wheelchair accessible room and bathroom
  • Visual fire alarms
  • Carpet-free rooms
  • Extra-long beds

Universities and colleges will generally do their best to accommodate for the needs of students with disabilities or other special needs. However, it is important to note that residences are high-density living environments, and it can be difficult to accommodate for all special needs, particularly for students with environmental health concerns.

For specific information about accommodations in residence, students should contact the housing department at their college or university.

Campus buildings are required to have accessible entrances, washrooms, and parking available. Some campuses may provide detailed information about accessibility online, whereas other schools may not have a map showing all accessible features. For specific information regarding campus accessibility, students should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Many schools provide students with a transit pass through fees included in tuition. Most cities offer accessible buses on their regular routes, or they have options for riders that have other accessibility needs.

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