Get a Move On!

Get a Move On!

by Susan Huebert
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Most people move at some point in their lives, either from a house to an apartment or the other way around. Some people also move from one office building to another or need new furniture or other equipment. Often, moving companies help these people to move their belongings from one place to another. If you are physically strong and enjoy working with a lot of different people, it might be a good job for you.

Almost anyone who is physically capable of lifting heavy objects can be a mover. However, some people make that their specialty and learn methods of doing their job quickly and efficiently. Professional movers often work in companies that offer these services, but some movers work alone or in small groups.

When people move from one home to another, they usually have furniture like tables and chairs, as well as boxes full of dishes, books and other objects which might require special care. People in offices might have computers, photocopiers and other large and breakable machines. Movers have to be strong but also very careful as they move objects that could easily be ruined if they fall onto the ground. Being able to pack a truck efficiently is also useful so that the movers have to make as few trips as possible.

Becoming a mover does not normally require any special education, but gaining experience is useful. Learning special techniques from other movers is a good way to become an efficient mover. Some companies also provide training for their employees, especially for people who want to drive the moving trucks or perform other parts of the job. Most movers work in pairs or small groups, but it is also possible to work alone with the right equipment.

Although much of the work is physical, movers should be able to talk to customers and to discuss what they need. Employees of moving companies might also need to fill out forms and to complete inventories to make sure that everything has arrived safely. They might accept payments and write out receipts, and they might also work in the offices of small companies. Sometimes, movers might have to put furniture back together and possibly work with electronic equipment to make sure that it is connected properly.

Wages for movers depend a lot on experience. Most movers start at about minimum wage, but they can move up to about $35 an hour after they have worked in the job for several years. One of the challenges for movers is that the work tends to be seasonal. Although people can move at any time of the year, many of them prefer not to move in winter when the weather is very cold. Movers can be very busy in the warmer months and have little work to do during the winter.

Moving is a hard job, but it can be good for strong people who like to work with their hands and to meet new people. Why not consider being a mover either full-time or part-time?

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