Summer; and What to Do with It…

Summer; and What to Do with It…

by Patrick Start
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Summer. For some students this means vacation, relaxation, hot weather and no school. This is what summer is all about. Unfortunately, with this comes summer learning loss.[1] This is the loss of basic math and literacy skills created by the two month summer break students receive. It is important that students stay involved mentally and physically throughout the summer. With all of the beautiful weather, students have many opportunities to work, volunteer and study, thus keeping their minds active.

Summer holds many employment opportunities; outdoor jobs such as landscaping and public parks patrol, to indoor jobs such as lifeguarding and clerical work. Ontario Parks offer seasonal jobs to students. Students can expect to network and meet new people, developing new skills for the future. They can also earn professional certifications such as a CPR and WHIMIS training.[2] Deafblind Ontario is another interesting and helpful organization that hires students. This organization is devoted to assisting individuals who are hard of hearing and visually impaired. Aside from working, students can also volunteer both for experience and to accrue the required community services hours needed for a high school diploma. A fun way to volunteer is to help coach organized sports.[4] The YMCA of Canada also offers many volunteer opportunities. Students can greatly expand their knowledge of a chosen field by volunteering and potentially gain full-time employment upon graduation.

While summer vacation can be relaxing, students tend to forget what they learned in the previous school year. It is important that students continue their studies and keep their mind and body both mentally and physically active. Playing sports is great way to stay fit. Reading is also an excellent way to stay informed and mentally alert. It is essential that students continue their academic and personal growth over the summer.  By working and volunteering, students can meet new people, develop and improve their skills and discover new things about themselves. So, my advice is to make the most of your summer by mixing together work, play and volunteer; you cannot loose!

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