The Importance of Play

The Importance of Play

by Nizanth Navaratnarjah
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As children, all of us had recess in school where we played sports, tag and bounced around the jungle gym. There were some great moments with friends that we still cherish to this day. However, as we grow older a sense of seriousness starts to settle in and we forget the joys of just playing around. This is even truer when entering University or any higher level of studies. The pressures of grades, tests, labs and planning for the future can create an environment not beneficial to play. The notion of spending free time in University or College playing around may appear frivolous to many. It does come across that way upon initial observation, but researchers and psychologist stress the benefits of play in adult life.

It can be said that engaging in play as an adult is as important to our well-being today, as it was when we were younger. Studies by researchers show advantages to play including stress reduction, brain stimulation, the improvement of friendships and higher energy levels. [1] These are just some of the many reasons why a young undergrad student should take up play and encourage their friends to join in as well. You should never lose your sense of adventure. As a kid today, stress creeps in a lot earlier than usual. With so much going on at school, home and after school, your brain starts to wear out and get run down.

Involving yourself in play can help students in University take their mind of the rigors of class work. If you are younger than that, play is very important. You are still developing those essential life skills. Those moments give the brain a much needed break from the daily routine of life. So why not take a break and throw the pigskin around, shoot some hoops or skip rocks with friends. It will make you feel young again, and may also help get the A you were looking for in class.


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