What Is Homeschooling?

What Is Homeschooling?

by Patrick Start
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Most of us are use to the norms of public and private school; the classroom with boring blackboards full of mathematical equations and Shakespearean sonnets. Homeschooling on the other hand, is quite different. In Canada over 20,000 students are homeschooled. While children are homeschooled, the parents are responsible for the child’s education. The parents teach their children based on their own beliefs and methods. They follow a grade based curriculum and progress on, based on their own decisions.[1]

So what are the benefits of homeschooling? There are many both socially and mentally. First parents can give individual attention to their child. This will allow the parent to see their child’s strengths and weaknesses, where on the contrary weaknesses go unnoticed in larger classrooms. Homeschooling will also allow the child to think independently and formulate their own ideas rather than follow the actions and ideas of others in larger groups.[2]

Homeschooling allows parents to asses their child’s abilities and tailor the activities associated with the curriculum to suit their needs; this will help the child with their confidence. With fewer distractions, children will be more focused opposed to a regular classroom. Home schooled children are more likely to develop better relationships with their parents.[3]

The procedural process for homeschooling is not complicated. Parents must write a letter of intent each to the school board of their jurisdiction. In Ontario, curriculum material isn’t funded by the government; parents must purchase the material themselves. However, regulations vary in different provinces where some governments will provide funding for material and allow parents to obtain tax credits related to home schooling.

So homeschooling is something definitely to consider for parents and students. Students who enjoy working by themselves may find a home schooled environment more beneficial than a traditional classroom.

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