Academic Probation in College and...

Academic Probation in College and University

by Patrick Start
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Some of us may know what academic probation is, others may not. It is a term most often used in college and university to describe a formal warning issued to students whose grade point average(GPA) does not meet the minimum requirements, and are required to improve their GPA if they wish to continue study their courses. Students are usually given a semester to demonstrate progress and are normally asked to write a letter outlining their academic goals for the future.[1]

Universities and colleges usually offer support to struggling students to help them improve their GPA and continue their studies. Brock University’s BOOST program assists students by allowing them to take noncredit courses and achieve a grade of 60% or more with each course taken. Ryerson on the other hand uses the course grade point average CGPA to determine if the student will be put on academic probation. It is multiplied by the grade points for the grade achieved by the course weight.[2][3]

Additionally, programs that give students financial assistance for post-secondary education such as the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP) also have restrictions related to academic probation. Students, who do not meet OSAP’s academic requirements, will not be able to apply for financial assistance until the following year.[4] This can be challenging for students trying their best to achieve a better grade.

To avoid academic probation, it is best to attend all lectures and laboratories. However, just attending classes is not enough to get by. If you have entered into a school with high GPA requirements, you need to pick up your socks and study hard. University and college can be a shock to the old’ high school you, but it can be extremely rewarding once you realize what you need to do in order to achieve good grades and a fulfilling degree. If necessary, seek extra help from programs within your college. They are there to help you succeed and meet your goals- don’t be afraid to voice your fears and concerns.


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