How to Find Scholarships for Canadian...

How to Find Scholarships for Canadian Students

by Meghan Brown
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Every year across Canada there are hundreds of thousands of dollars available to college and university students in the form of scholarships. However, even knowing there are so many options available, it can still be hard to find these scholarships, learn their requirements, and submit applications.

The term “scholarship” typically encompasses any money awarded to a student that will help them pay for their tuition and other school costs. Application procedures and requirements vary widely, but usually depend at least partly on your grades and other academic achievements. Scholarships are often divided into different categories, and awarded based on different criteria such as program of study, school of study, your grades, or your extracurricular activities. Depending on the application, you may need to provide written essays or letters, and a copy of your school transcript.

There are also scholarships that will automatically consider students without requiring an application; these are usually offered by colleges and universities, and will be offered to students meeting the requirements upon being accepted into the school. Most commonly, these entrance scholarships are offered to prospective students who apply with a certain grade average.

For international students planning to study in Canada, there are government-funded International Student Scholarships available, with various fulfillment requirements. These can be accessed at www.scholarships-bourses.gc.ca.

There are advantages to searching online through websites, as well as various internet search engines, such as helping you access scholarship opportunities from across the country. However, it is also a good idea to go the low-tech way and talk to people in person!

Speak to your school’s career and guidance counsellor, as they can direct you to local scholarship opportunities offered by your school itself, and by the community at large. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and professional organizations often offer student scholarships, especially for students pursuing studies in a field related to their own industry. Don’t forget to ask your parents and family members if their workplace offers any scholarships, as these are often available only to children of employees, and so may not be listed publicly elsewhere. Other places to inquire include local community organizations, cultural groups, churches, military veterans associations, banks, and skilled trade unions.

Once you have a list of scholarships you qualify for, start applying to as many as you can, as early as you can. This will increase your chances of getting some of these awards. Good luck!


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