Feminism and Its Many Perspectives

Feminism and Its Many Perspectives

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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When you ask people what they think feminism means, you will likely get a variety of answers. Some may say it means a feminist is a woman who can do anything that a guy can do, while some may say a woman who is happily single.

Such definitions sometimes hit a moot point, however, and are entirely generalized. If a woman can’t do hard labor, does that mean she can’t be a feminist? And what about women who are leading blissful lives with their male partners? Does this mean they can’t be feminists?

People that are active on social media tend to have a lot of opinions of what feminism is, and what it means to be a feminist. In our digital age, there is a lot of attention paid to how women are illustrated and portrayed on and off the internet, causing many debates and discussions to commence around the world.

One thing that is not arguable, is that feminism encourages women to speak their minds and be themselves. Being a feminist also means supporting the rights of women, whether it is concerning their reproductive system, or the ability to speak up when threatened by violence or other means.

A good thing to do is to stop putting the term “feminism” in a box. The media has an incredible influence on young people, and it tends to confuse the masses. Feminism may mean different things to people, but it absolutely means equal rights for both genders in work, home and beyond. Whatever your beliefs are, be supportive of other women, regardless of the differences in beliefs and opinions. Just be your own individual and always make the best effort to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Feminism is about togetherness, so let’s get together!






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