5 Steps to Awaken Your Critical...

5 Steps to Awaken Your Critical Thinking

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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What is “Critical thinking”?

Critical thinkers know how to read between the lines and not just see things as they are or superficially. In your studies of any subject, for instance, critical thinking skills will help you take on a more analytical approach so you can better explain a particular topic or situation. You should use your critical thinking skills for everyday life situations, as well. Eventually, you will be able to propose an excellent argument on any topic. When you get to college and university and you need to defend your argument in a paper, critical thinking is essential.

If you feel that you don’t quite have the skills to deem yourself as a critical thinker, don’t fret. Here are some steps to awaken your critical thinking:

Know the facts.

You would not have a strong stance on a particular topic if you do not have the right information. For instance, what if you were asked to debate on the topic of “money can buy people happiness”? Sure, we all have our opinions on this topic, but mostly it is from an emotional standpoint. As such, if you want to create a strong argument on that debate, you will have to get research, science and statistics together, first ( if even applicable). Research as much as you can and get to know the background of that idea.

Choose your sources carefully.

Sometimes, when we are gathering facts, we tend to collect them easily, not entirely judging where they are from. An essential part to being a critical thinker is to judge the sources of the facts that you are collecting as well. You can research scientific papers on the internet, as well as videos by certified researchers; where is all the information coming from and are they trusted sources?

Analyze the facts.

There are times when you might have the facts on hand and they are from good sources. However, does this mean that you are good to go? You don’t stop here. To be a critical thinker, you must also carefully analyze each fact and be on the lookout for any differences or gaps.

Compare the facts.

You know the adage “there are two sides to every story,” of course! Well, that is also something that you can apply to your argument. For one thing, you need to look at a subject from all angles.


Evaluate the conclusions you have formed and ensure you can strongly stand on them. At this stage, you should be able to state your point of view with confidence and conviction.

For more understanding of critical thinking, check out this helpful animated video from study.com: http://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-critical-thinking-definition-skills-meaning.html

You are all set to be a critical thinker once you have mastered these steps. Good luck!








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