Scholarships: Misconceptions and Why...

Scholarships: Misconceptions and Why They Really Are Worth Your Time

by Mariann Roberts
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There are plenty of misconceptions about scholarships that prevent numerous high school students from applying for them. This results in students missing out on the recognition and money. Let’s tackle some of these of misconceptions, and help guide you to get you the rewards you deserve!

Misconception 1: I don’t qualify for any scholarships or awards.

This is a false impression many high school students tend to fall into. There are an incredible amount of scholarships and awards for students out there just waiting for you to find! There are scholarships designed for nearly every kind of student, in just about every field of study you can imagine. This means there may very well be a scholarship you qualify for. The problem tends to be that many students are simply unaware of the types of scholarships out there, and in turn believe they are not qualified to receive one. So, what are some resources you can use to find the right scholarships for you? One useful resource in finding different scholarships is to visit the Scholarships and Awards section of your post-secondary institution’s website. This will introduce you to all scholarships available specific to your institution. Going one step further, you can often search for scholarships specifically designed for individual program. Another great tool is your province’s learning information services website. Here you can take a look at specific scholarships and awards available to students in your province. As well, the Canadian government website offers plenty of scholarship opportunities for students. Here are a few useful websites that can link you to scholarship information.

JPD also lists a number of different scholarships each month from across Canada!

Misconception 2:  I just don’t have the time; scholarships take forever to apply to!

Time is a huge factor for students. It’s something we never seem to have enough of, and we tend to stray away from anything we think will take too much of this precious resource away. There are many scholarships that only require a small amount of time to apply for. However, while the time it takes to apply for scholarships varies, it’s important to remember that whether the scholarship requires a ten page essay, or simply the submission of your high school transcripts, it is worth your time! Post-secondary comes with enough to think about, scholarships provide a way to take some finical stress off your plate. Applying for scholarships is an important way to set up your your financial future throughout your post-secondary education. Making time to research and apply for scholarships may provide beneficial finical relief for your future. So while it may take some time out of your day, your future self will be glad you did.

Misconception 3: Scholarships won’t make a difference in my post-secondary finances.

The average Canadian student attending post-secondary education pays between $2,500-$6,500 in tuition per year. Not to mention the cost of books, as well as on-campus living. Full time students in Canada averaged paying more than $66,000 for a four year program.  That can be pretty scary to think about. Thankfully, scholarships are available to help you with it. Scholarships vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, allowing the opportunity to pay for the cost of semesters or even years of post-secondary! Applying for multiple scholarships allows for more opportunities to gain this type of financial relief.

So, what steps do you need to take to finding the right scholarships for you?

  • Use your available resources to search for all the scholarships you qualify for.
  • Carefully read and understand what is needed to apply for each scholarship.
  • Understand the benefits your chosen scholarship provides.
  • Apply, apply, apply!



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