The Common Pressures of Millennials

The Common Pressures of Millennials

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Millennials are a generation so often penned as the ‘start-up generation’ by the media. Yes this often means people think they jump from job to job looking for the next great thing, but this makes them diverse, open and socially liberal. But that is not the whole picture. Sadly there are so many issues possessed by Millennials and pressures they face:

Not so entrepreneurial

This is a troubling fact for the economy, with nearly half of Millennials surveyed saying that they believe the best way to advance their careers is to stay with one company for a long time. This makes the portions of people who move from company to company or prefer to create their own company much smaller. It’s possible that there is less of a sense of urgency with this generation. But it can be changed.

Money issues

A huge stressor for anyone, money is especially a cause of worry for Millennials as they have entered adulthood after the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. This, as you will remember, led to financial instability and job loss for many parents and friends, leaving Millennials feeling worried about the future. While many make under $3,000 a month, they are also faced with the extreme costs of post-secondary education. Student loans are a constant looming shadow, and one often leaves university with around $40,00 in debt. Lets not get started on post-graduation job security.

Degree expectation

For many Millennials, a college degree is an expected way of life. It is not always a tool to get what they want but rather the blind next step after high school. In truth, many people in the previous generation feel really good about their degrees because it was considered a much bigger accomplishment back than and one was more likely to get a career after. Nowadays that is not the case.


Make a list of all the things you want to see in your life in ten years. What are the steps you need to take to accomplish this? Millennials often handle high levels of stress with binge drinking, smoking, drug use, overeating and obsession. The concept of quiet time is not a popular one and that can be the best choice. Instead of handling pressures this way, always stay busy and allow yourself failures. These make the success shine brighter. But don’t ever think things come easily. If you  want something bad enough, you will achieve it. Ignoring stereotypes and the social pressures of the world is the best way in forming your own path for the future that suits you- that is what matters.

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