Alberta Students: Transitioning Out of...

Alberta Students: Transitioning Out of the Traditional School System for Persons with Disabilities

by Mariann Roberts
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Most graduating students find themselves facing a variety of challenges as they transition from the traditional school system into post-secondary and/or the workforce. For graduates (and families of those) with a disability, an even greater set challenges may arise during this transition period, causing the future to seem especially scary and uncertain. As an individual with a disability, you understand challenges. However, you also understand these challenges do not define you, and will not prevent you from achieving your goals. Let’s take a closer look at a variety of resources for Alberta students with disabilities, in order to achieve a smoother transition period upon leaving the traditional school system.

Why choose a path in post-secondary?

Post-secondary education offers the opportunity for self-growth, career and international opportunities, and the chance to learn and explore individual academic interests and a closer level.

The Alberta Learning Information Services website outlines three major transition tools into post-secondary for students with disabilities:

  1. Understanding the differences between high school and post-secondary
  2. Career and Education Planning
  3. Information and Resources

The Alberta Government Transition Guide reveals an in-depth outline of each transition tool listed above, and is jam packed with essential information on how to smoothly transition into the post-secondary world. A PDF version may be found in the link below.


Should I speak to my post-secondary institution about my disability?

Absolutely. If you are a student with a disability, speak to your institutions disability advisor prior to beginning classes. Many post-secondary institutions offer accommodations for persons with disabilities. Upon starting classes, speak to your individual professors in order to ensure the proper arrangements may be put into place.

Is there funding available for persons with disabilities entering post-secondary?

The Alberta government offers funding for persons with permanent disabilities that you may eligible for. Before applying for government funding, ensure you eligible and speak with the disability advisor at your post-secondary institution. For more information, and to see if you are eligible to apply, visit the student with disabilities section on the Alberta Learning Information Website. The link to which may be found below.


For a complete guide on student loans and funding, check out the Alberta Student Loans and Funding Guide 2017, the link to which may be found below.


Will my disability prevent me from being successful in post-secondary?

Disability does not mean inability. With the proper tools and resources put into place, you have every opportunity to be very successful in post-secondary! Taking these first steps to achieve your academic goals reveals you are already in the right mindset for success. View and array inspirational post-secondary success stories from students with disabilities through the link below.


I have now completed my post-secondary training, or I have decided to take a different path and go straight into the workforce. Where can I find the right resources for disabilities in the workforce?

The Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES) helps Albertans with disabilities discover proper employment training, and rewarding career and job opportunities. For more information on DRES, and for eligibility, check the human services section on the Alberta Learning Information Services website, which may be found through the following link.    


For strategies and practices on responding to challenges, and more information on employment focuses, explore the Government of Alberta Counselor Resource, What Works: Career building strategies for people from diverse groups.  The link to the PDF file may be found below.


For employment opportunities, and more information on disabilities in the workplace navigate through the Government of Alberta resources through the links below:








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