Business School Bound?

Business School Bound?

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Due to their exceptional transformative business ideas that make the world a better place, today’s business leaders manage to grab headlines just as much as politicians or celebrities. For example, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, who recently hit a net worth of $100 billion, made the news recently for his philanthropic pledge of $2 billion to curtail homelessness and promote early childhood education for low-income children, while maintaining a strong hold on the business market with his company.

In any case, it can’t be denied that the most powerful people these days are the ones who made it big with their small business ideas (Bezos, for example, launched Amazon.com in his garage in 1994). Business executives can encompass various high-level positions at companies and organizations, including chief executive, financial and operating officers, executive VP, and executive directors, which are some of today’s most coveted positions in a wide variety of companies and organizations.

If you’re eyeing a business-focused career path, it will be an advantage to have a foundation through a business degree at a top-rated business school:

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

It’s no wonder why the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is one of the highest rated schools in the country as it’s virtually a one-stop shop for aspiring business developers and executives. The institution offers everything from an undergraduate degree (Rotman Commerce) to full-time MBA programs. In addition, they offer a Global Executive MBA package that will prepare future business men and women to conquer the global market. Among the notable alumni are Bank of Montreal CEO William A. Downe and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CEO and President Victor Dodig.

Stephen Jr. Smith school of Business (formerly Queen’s School of Business), Queen’s University

Kingston, Ontario

The Smith School of Business in Queen’s University is also one of the top-ranking business schools in Canada. It also offers an undergraduate program, which is the Bachelor of Commerce, a four-year program which provides learners an in-depth knowledge and understanding of business strategies and concepts. After this, they can work towards a Certificate in Business or a full-time MBA. Noteworthy alumni include former president and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada Gordon Nixon.

HEC Montréal

Montreal, Quebec

This institution offering internationally recognized management education programs is ideal for aspiring business executives who are fluent in French, both in written and oral communication, although they also offer MBA programs in the English language. HEC Montreal is well-known for their one-of-a-kind Worldly Mindset module, wherein students learn about management under unfamiliar circumstances or setting (last year, the students went to Argentina). Thierry Vandal, CEO of Hydro-Quebec, is among HEC Montreal’s prestigious alumni.

Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Based in Vancouver, BC, this school offers an innovative and all-encompassing suite of business programs, from an undergraduate degree of Commerce to full-time MBA, that equip its learners with an in-depth understanding of global business perspectives and the international marketplace. It’s particularly lauded for its mandatory Global Immersion Experience where students consult on business issues of local businesses and acquire first-hand knowledge of the cultural implications of business choices. Among its top alumni is Robert H. Lee, chairman and founder of Prospero, a highly acclaimed real estate firm based in Vancouver, BC.

Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

The Alberta School of Business has maintained a long track record of continuous accreditation, one of the longest in Canada. It’s perhaps one of the few institutions that offer a diverse suite of specializations, including international business, public policy and management, natural resources, energy and the environment, sustainability, finance, and innovation and entrepreneurship. A business education founded on this institution can certainly help one launch a successful business career, just ask Richard Haskayne, president of Hudson Bay Oil and Gas. He kicked off his illustrious career with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with the university.






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