What Life on the Farm Can Teach You...

What Life on the Farm Can Teach You About Life

by Anthony Teles
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Many people used to live on farms and in the country. Today, you probably live in a city like a lot of other people. Cities are great for many reasons, but they separate us from the world of farming. It is easy to not have to think about where food comes from, how it is prepared, and the hard work that is needed to make sure we can all have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Taking time to work or volunteer on a farm is a great way to learn about plants, animals, and life in general.

We can find just about any fruit or vegetable we want when we head to the supermarket. It is easy to forget that these foods need to be harvested and are not always found all-year long. They come from living plants that play an important part in the system of life on our planet. By volunteering on a farm, you can discover the methods needed for planting, how to take care of plants, and how to gather fruits and vegetables when it is time to harvest them. You will better understand how much hard work goes into preparing these foods, as well as how changes to the environment can easily destroy trees and plants that are our source for these fruits and vegetables. They do not simply appear in the supermarket – they are a part of a complex system of living things that need to work together.

When you work on a farm, you get to escape the sights and noises of the city and replace them with the beauty of nature and company of animals. You get to see how chickens, cows, sheep, and more live and share the space needed for them to grow and survive. We know that the meat we buy from the store and order at restaurants comes from these animals, but working on a farm helps you to fully understand the importance of that. These creatures need to be cared for in the proper environment in order to prepare them for the meat we eat in our meals. When you help take care of these animals and feed them, you better appreciate the food chain and the need to treat animals with respect and prepare meat in a humane way. Meat is being produced for many people around the world, and it is resulting in poor conditions for the animals and damage to the environment. Your time on a farm will help you reconnect with nature, as well as learn how to raise animals and prepare meat in a way that respects Mother Nature and the delicate ecosystem of our planet.

The quieter world of the farm forces you to be patient, more physically active, and more aware of the way nature works. Life is a powerful force, from tiny bacteria to growing plants, from the many animals to the humans that have taken over Earth. All of these living things share the same space and can only continue living if we work together. The livestock on farms that become the meat we eat help us to raise more animals. Your parents gave birth to you and you may someday have kids of your own, continuing the cycle of human life. The planet has been filled with living things in many different forms for billions of years. This has only been possible because nature has been able to balance them. When you spend time on farms, you see that balance in action in a way that no book or video can teach you in the city.

As cities continue to grow and impact the environment, it is more important than ever for people to reconnect with farms. We need to make sure our food sources are sustainable. We have to better understand how our actions as humans affect all life. We must stop the effects of climate change from destroying nature’s balance. A balance that you can see in action when volunteering on a farm. When you spend time on a farm and get your friends and everyone you know to do the same, you are changing your life and the world for the better.


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