How Math Skills Can Get you a Career as...

How Math Skills Can Get you a Career as a Brokerage Clerk

by Stephanie Hughes
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You may have heard the saying “Everything is math”, and the reason why it’s a popular saying is because it’s true! If you excel in math and accounting skills, the world is your oyster. There are many great career opportunities where having a knack for numbers is essential. One of these potential careers is that of a brokerage clerk. A brokerage clerk is a finance and data expert that oversees the sales of bonds (a sort of loan to a government or city that you will receive back with interest), commodities (a raw material used in business that people can invest in), securities (a certificate with an implied monetary value that can be exchanged for funds), and stocks (an investment into a company). Brokerage clerks also help out regular brokers in filling out paperwork and maintaining all of the proper trading documentation, reaching out to customers and clients, and helping to take orders.

The more you learn about economics and how it makes the world spin, the more you may find yourself interested in this career. Generally, you will need a finance or business degree in college to gain employment in this field. Here is how math skills can get you a good career as a brokerage clerk:

What are the perks of the job?

First and foremost, the greatest perk of the job is being able to flex those math and finance skills that you have developed. You also work closely with the stock markets and the financial district, giving you your edge if you plan on investing within the market. There was also a reported high job satisfaction with the line of work as it tends to be a non-physical job.

What are some of the setbacks?

The largest setback of being a brokerage clerk is the below-average median salary, which tends to stand around $43,129 annually in North America according to PayScale. It can also be a somewhat stressful career if the workload gets heavy and the clerks find themselves having to process a high volume of paperwork.

How can I grow with this career?

Being a brokerage clerk is an entry-level job that can open many doors within the financial field. Clerks can take on more responsibilities at a higher pay grade or they can receive additional training and education to become a qualified broker.

That’s all great, but could I be hired for other careers?

Because brokerage clerks tend to be knowledgeable in business and financial fields, they can take on many business-related or accounting related positions. A few of these roles include jobs in bookkeeping, being an auditing clerk (reviewing the financial statements of customers), accounting clerk (clerks that review financial and transactional statements of companies), a secretary or an administrative assistant. There any many possibilities when you hold a career as a brokerage clerk.


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