All Things Grow in April

All Things Grow in April

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How was your March Break?! Did you learn new things? Did you veg-out on the couch with some new Netflix shows? Did you visit family and friends? You might still be feeling a bit dizzy from that time off- everyone does. It can take a while to get back into your routine, but the bright side of going back to school after the break is that the winter thaw has already begun. You are stepping back into school and routine, but with much lighter shoes-literally and metaphorically!

Thank you to all the new JPD writers this month- your contributions were stellar! We have opened up a new era of JPD that includes even more student writers and researchers. Some of this month’s articles include: novels every student should read in 2019, marketing and body image, practicing gratitude, volunteering options and idea, 2 scholarship listing articles, and new trades career profiles.

Is there a Career Profile you haven’t seen on JPD but would like to? Let us know at jpdeditor@magiclanternmedia.com

Have a great April and see you back here in May!

Erin Lynne Kelly

Content Editor

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