Healthy Beauty: A Skin Care Specialist...

Healthy Beauty: A Skin Care Specialist Career Profile

by Sadie Osborne
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Have you ever woken up and noticed new blemishes on your skin? Maybe it is just a few, maybe it is an entire breakout. I would like to introduce you to the world of skin care specialists, or estheticians. They have the knowledge to guide and assist you in taking care of your skin:

A skin care specialist is usually found working in health and beauty spas and salons, and medical offices. Skin care specialists will be able to examine your skin to determine your skin type, cleanse your skin, perform extraction, figure out what treatments and products will be good for your skin as well as remove unwanted hair. Sometimes, they will even apply makeup for you and suggest different products according to your skin type and sensitivity.. In some cases they may even give you a referral to see a dermatologist if there is a serious skin problem that they cannot take care of.

In Canada the average pay of a skin care specialist is around $17.17 an hour, this is not including any tips they might make. You can make a yearly salary of about  $30,000. This all may vary depending on  where you work , a specialist who is self employed my not make as much as one who is employed by a large company.

In Ontario, an education is not required, neither is a license, however it will look much better to an employer if you do have them. That’s why most people who choose this career path take post-secondary cosmetology or esthetician courses. This provides them with knowledge, experience and proper training to work in this field safely. Safety in this field includes using new, clean tools for each client, as well as keeping the work environment sanitary to prevent the spread of unwanted bacteria. Different employers may look for different things when hiring skin care specialists for their businesses- be sure to know what they are looking for.

Without skin care specialists, we might not have the resources to properly keep our skin healthy and clean. Who knows whose skin you will be able to help!




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