Welcoming a New Student to Your Class

Welcoming a New Student to Your Class

by Kaitlyn Hover
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Being a new student at a new  school can be very scary and intimidating. We all know what it’s like to have first day school jitters, but imagine joining a class in the middle of the year! That would be very nerve racking!

Why is someone joining my class now instead of at the start of the year?

A new student may be joining your class for many different reasons. Maybe they just moved to a new community, maybe their school got closed, or maybe they just didn’t enjoy their school’s community. Regardless of why they changed schools, I’m sure you can imagine how scary it would be to join a class where kids already know each other, and everyone is already caught up on all the work.

How can I make the new student feel welcome?

Be kind,open and be accepting. You can start off  by introducing yourself to the new student. Be polite and invite them to join you and your friends at recess or to sit with you during class time if the teacher doesn’t have assigned seating. This will make the new student feel less nervous, and accepted into the classroom community. You can ask them questions about themselves, for example what sports they enjoy, if they have any pets or siblings, etc. You can also tell them things about yourself. You may have more in common than you think, which could lead to a great friendship! You can also ask the new student if they want help get caught up on some of the work they’ve missed. The teacher will be helping the student to catch up, but having a friend who’s there to help as well can always feel great!

Put yourself in their shoes

Although it may feel strange to have a new face in the classroom during the middle of the year, try not to judge. Instead, be curious and welcoming to make the student feel like they belong. If you find it difficult to understand what the new student is saying or doing, for example if they aren’t making eye contact, or not replying to your questions, try to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you joined a new class in the middle of the year? I know that I would be very nervous that’s for sure!

Overall things to remember

Being the new kid in a school can be very overwhelming. Be polite, be inclusive and try to imagine that it was you joining the school! Treat others the way you want to be treated. Who knows, the new kid could become your best friend!





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