Jobs that Pay Off the Most Right Now

Jobs that Pay Off the Most Right Now

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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It’s back to school season once again, and if you’re heading closer to your last years in college or university, chances are, you’re feeling an overwhelming sense of anticipation of what lies ahead.  One important thing to know is that launching a career is easier said than done. Sure, you might have explored the possibilities of coops or placements, and you believe you have a strong shot at landing a job even before completing your college or university studies, but don’t be discouraged if things don’t fall into place as expected. As you know, there are several factors that can affect how you carve your career path, and one of the main components is how in demand or not one’s intended profession is.

Below is a quick look at those jobs that truly take off and pay off at the moment:

Statistician or Actuary

It’s all about big data these days, and it’s understandable why there’s a growing demand for professionals who can interpret the big data and use it to provide solutions, build innovations, and hone in on consumer behaviour. Suffice it is to say, a graduate degree in math or statistics is a step in the right direction for this field, which has grown 87% in the last five years. You’ll potentially earn as much as $87,000 in this industry.

Scientific Research Manager

If you have a knack for looking at things from a scientific perspective, then the career of scientific research manager could be a great fit for you. In this job, you’ll be responsible for supervising the technical work of architectural firms, statistical services, or a scientific department. You’ll also be tasked to provide plans and directions for the technical work and make recommendations for areas of improvement. Scientific A Master’s or doctoral degree in science is what you’ll need to kick things off, plus of course years of experience. Once you’re in that level, you’ll earn a median salary of $102,000.

Utilities Manager

Without these professionals, we would be without the essentials for living like water, electrical power, and natural gas. This field is such a necessity in both the public and private sectors that utility managers are one of the jobs that are most in demand now. To earn the title of utilities manager and perform duties like supervising facilities that bring power to residential and commercial spaces, you will need to complete an electrical engineering degree that focuses on utilities, gas, and oil. An average of $114,000 is what awaits you once you complete all the requirements and gain experience. This field is expected to grow even more in the next few years.


Oral health is just as important as physical health, and this is why dental industry is a burgeoning one, growing 63% in the last five years. It’s a longer than usual journey as you will first need four years of pre-industry studies then a university degree from an accredited dental program. Afterwards, you have to earn your license to practice by a provincial or territorial regulatory body, but everything is worth it in the end. Dentists can earn as much as $$93,600 on average.

Nurse Practitioner

Perhaps the most assured industry out of all of them to launch your career is the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals like nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives are continuously in demand to provide a variety of services, growing 75% in the last five years. This is especially true as the aging population in Canada continues to grow. To be a nurse practitioner, you’ll require a Master’s degree in nursing, while physician assistants and midwives need to complete university degrees in related programs. All three may also need to register with a regulatory body. The median salary for professionals in this field are $104,000.

Now that you have an idea of the highest paying jobs right now, consider how you can fit into the picture and earn you the highest potential.




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