Keeping a Positive Mindset During the...

Keeping a Positive Mindset During the School Year

by Elora Pharai
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The idea of returning to school after a long, relaxing summer is never overly enthralling. Students usually tend to dread the idea of going back; so much so that the word ‘school’ can’t even be spoken. It seems like a lot of students nowadays have a very negative perception of school. Not all, but most. I’ll admit, I wasn’t very excited to go back at all. It’s admittedly quite difficult to get back into the routine of school; you have to get up early and get ready to leave for school where you have to learn. I’m pretty sure that anyone would choose their warm comfy bed over a boring classroom. School may not be very exciting at times but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad.

This year, I am going into Grade 11. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was apprehensive going back; time is moving very fast and I am fearful that I can’t keep up with everything. I also know that this year is going to be a challenging fight to win. Going into a new grade can be both scary and exciting; you don’t know if you’ll have any friends in your classes, or if you can continue to keep your grades up. You also go back to school knowing that each year will be at least a little bit more challenging than the other, especially in high school. You want to be able to get into a good University so that you can have a good future. Every year you constantly put the pressure on yourself. Sometimes you may not even feel motivated to get back to work, especially after the summer. Here I have provided some tips on how to keep a positive mindset during the school year.

Establish a routine: Creating a routine for school mornings and nights always makes going back to school much easier. That way, you can create time for everything. I would suggest setting an alarm for the morning (or maybe 5 because getting up in the morning is extremely hard). Try and go to bed at a decent hour especially for back to school because studies show that teenagers between the ages of 14-17 need at least 9-11 hours of sleep to properly function. Otherwise, you get sleepier and can’t perform properly with your studies. Sleep is also known to reduce stress levels so it is important that you get a good bit of sleep during the school year.

Take Care Of Yourself: I don’t know if everyone is like this but when I am in school, my main focus is school, and school only. I am not the best at taking care of myself during the school day, whether it be the small things like chapped lips or dirty glasses, I tend to get bothered easily during school because I am still a bit tired. I suggest to bring a small bag of items you may need during school: a small pack of tissues, chapstick, glasses cloth (if you wear glasses), maybe a small snack so that you do not get too hungry during class. Don’t just take care of yourself physically but also, mentally. School is one of the leading causes of anxiety and stress in teens. It’s important that you take your mental health into consideration during school. Don’t push yourself too much and cause a lot of stress and anxiety on yourself. There are many ways to cope with stress and anxiety during school: meditation, sleep, keeping organized, exercising which can be good for both your physical and mental health. Or, you could just try and confide in a friend or trusted adult to feel better, talking about your feelings is always helpful.

Focus On The Positives: Everything in life has a positive side to it. Nothing’s all bad. During the school year try and look past all the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. Look at the future and how much the hard work that you are doing will pay off in the end. School is not all that bad, it can be fun too. You get to spend a lot more time with your friends and get to see them more often-this might not be the case when you graduate and people go their separate ways.

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