Moving out of the House

Moving out of the House

by Alexa Cairns
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Depending on the type of person you are, moving out can be a good thing, or a bad thing. This can be a very difficult decision and one that takes many factors to consider.

If your chosen secondary pathway is college or university, they are typically very expensive. By moving out, you are adding unnecessary expenses on top of the large fees you’re already paying for your education and transportation. Graduates typically underestimate the large amounts of money that are required to take care of your home by yourself.

Timing is key; make sure that you’re ready and mature enough to take on this commitment. It’s common to experience anxiety and sadness while moving out of your family home, but if you think about moving out you experience overwhelming fear, that may be a que to wait awhile before moving out. Your main deciding factor should be based on how you feel about moving out, because all that really matters is you. It’s your decision, and only yours. Many students feel pressured to move out at a certain age or after high school, but avoiding this pressure is important to being comfortable with moving out on your own.

The responsibility of moving out on your own is a responsibility a lot of students aren’t ready to take on. They don’t have the maturity to do simple household tasks like cleaning, groceries, etc. School and homework also take up the majority of a student’s time which makes earning money more difficult because they need to work a lot in order to earn said money to upkeep their living space.

independence is a huge reason why students move out after high school; the freedom

is something that they’ve never experienced before, and never had the opportunity to have at this level. By moving out, they feel free to do whatever they want. Some students take advantage of this fact, but it’s the main reason why students move out after high school, especially if they’re moving into dorms. They feel free since they no longer have to abide by any rules from their parents.

Moving out is also a great learning experience and gives students a glimpse into their future when they own perhaps a larger house. They learn about budgeting, all of the costs of owning a house, saving money, and more. This is great for people to learn at such a young age so by the time they are ready to own a full house themselves, they already know about these important things.

Along with this, students have said that by moving out after high school they feel as if they can start their own lives. They can invite their friends/partners over to their house, arrange their schedules, move in with roommates, etc. This comes to be very important as they have their own space away from their parents and they can begin their lives in “the real world” rather than being sheltered and protected by their parents.

Therefore, moving out after high school all depends on the situation and the type of person you are. After considering the pros and cons of your options, make the decision that feels right and that will benefit you the most.


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