Can Learning a Second Language Benefit...

Can Learning a Second Language Benefit One’s Work?

by Linda Mendes
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 Being able to speak a second, or multiple languages can be very helpful when it comes to finding jobs. It gives the person and the company they work for the opportunity to communicate with and reach a more diverse audience. This can benefit the company and the person in many different ways.

Here are five reasons as to how learning a new language can be beneficial:

Increased Chances of Getting Hired

Applying for a job can be very competitive. There will be many people who are applying for the same position. If the ability to speak more than one language is on a resume, it will catch the employer’s attention. That detail will differentiate the resume from the others. It is preferred by several companies to have multilingual employees. Although it is beneficial to be multilingual, it does not mean that you will be hired on the spot. It just means that the chance of getting hired is raised.

Higher Salaries

The ability to speak a foreign language can also help receive promotions or get hired for management roles. This ability is important because it can help supervisors lead and manage teams that include workers of different ethnicities. It also provides the ability for the supervisor to easily resolve any issues that deal with cultural and language differences between employees and customers.

Attracts Global Companies

Many people would like to work for international companies. Being able to speak different languages makes it much easier to communicate with many of those international companies. If one enjoys traveling, it will give them opportunities to travel on behalf of their company. Since a multilingual person is trusted to represent the company, it gives international companies a great first impression. This could be beneficial for one’s company, as well as the representative.

Builds Relationships

Being multilingual allows people to be able to relate and communicate with many different cultural groups. Having a language barrier can, unfortunately, make communicating awkward and uncomfortable for both sides. Speaking to clients, and possibly coworkers, in a language they all understand breaks down any barriers and makes them feel much more comfortable.

Helps with Language-Based Jobs

Some jobs are based on knowing more than one language. There are several job opportunities in marketing, transportation, retail, banking, education, law, tourism, and government that require one to know a second or several languages. In some of these, people are needed to translate and transcribe written work into foreign languages. It is best for those who can read, write, and speak in foreign languages.

Being able to speak, read, and/or write in more than one language can be very beneficial. This is especially beneficial if one’s country has more than one official language, such as Canada.

There are several ways one can learn a new language. There are apps, online courses, classes in school, and much more. It is not mandatory to speak more than one language but it is recommended. Learning languages can be fun and it would not hurt to learn a few basic phrases in another language!







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