Career Profile: Electric Motor System...

Career Profile: Electric Motor System Technician

by Susan Huebert
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Electrical machines are part of people’s everyday life, but they can often break down or need to be rebuilt. People who help to keep these machines working properly make life easier for others. If you are good with your hands and like to make machines like electric motors and transformers work well, the job of electric motor technician might be right for you.

Electric motors, gear, transformers, and other machines are usually quite complicated, with small parts that can easily break or get worn down. Tradespeople who work as electric motor system technicians assess machines for damage and maintain, test, and repair these machines as necessary. Often, these technicians need to take machines apart and then reassemble them. Being able to follow directions in instruction manuals is very important to avoid making mistakes.

Part of this work involves estimating the amount of time each repair will take and how much it will cost. Some electric motor system technicians work in large repair shops with other people, but some work alone. The work can be very messy because of the oil on the machines, and technicians might sometimes need to work long hours to get the jobs done in time. They should be able to lift heavy objects onto tables and counters where they do the repair work.

Getting a high school education is normally necessary for working in this field, and some provinces also require certification for electric motor system technicians. Taking mathematics courses in school can help with calculating costs, and English courses help with reading user manuals and other documents.

A four-year apprenticeship gives people a chance to learn what they need to know for the job. Once they begin their work, electric motor system technicians earn about $38,000 per year, with wages rising to $88,000 per year for experienced workers.

As with many trades, work in this field tends to become difficult as people age, but it is still possible to do the work later in life. If technicians are still able to use their hands well, they can find ways to deal with the heavy lifting, or they can move into the customer service area or train newer technicians to do the work. The job is not especially dangerous, but injuries are possible when people work with welding tools and large machines that can fall and injure people.

People in this field should be good at seeing problems and dealing with them. Being physically fit and strong is important. Good eyesight to spot small cracks or other flaws in motors is helpful, although people who wear glasses can also do the job. Having the patience to test various possibilities and search for problems is important. If you have these qualities, this career might be right for you. Although current job prospects are limited, the skills that people learn are valuable in many areas of life.

These days, electric motor system technicians are essential for keeping a variety of machines running. If you get into this trade, you will have a vital role in Canadian life.


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